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Pops for Penguins

Northern Rockhopper by Herma Van Gerner(Asheville, NC) - In June, a Pops for Penguins fundraiser will compliment the completion of the school year for the Third Grade Penguins at Rainbow Mountain Children’s School.  The fundraiser is organized by Dulcita Love who met Gabriella Oviedo, owner of King of Pops handcrafted popsicles at the 8th Annual Montford Music & Arts Festival in May.

The Third Grade Penguins will celebrate their final week in school with a year-end picnic.  The idea of bringing the King of Pops cart seemed like the perfect addition to a picnic event in June.

In honor of the Penguins, Dulcita began researching about Penguin rescue.  She was surprised to learn that 40 percent of the world’s Rockhopper population were exposed to an oil spill in March 2011.  

Dulcita emailed Sandra Birnhak, Director of the Foundation for Antartic Research, who is organizing fundraising efforts to assist in cleaning oil from Rockhoppers and study the impact of the oil on the Rockhopper population. 

Sandra quickly responded:

“We are raising money for the Rockhopper counts in August when they return for the breeding season.  The oil spill has no doubt put them near the top of the endangered species list.  We have Rockhopper Pins that might help with your fundraising. Thanks so much for thinking of us.  I'm copying a few of our advisors - an idea they might be interested in for school children.”

For every popsicle sold for the Third Grade Penguins year-end picnic, a donation will be made toward Pops for Penguins.

To contribute toward Pops for Penguins in honor of the Third Grade Penguins graduation, visit: 


“Pops for Penguins honors the completion of the Third Grade Penguins school year in Asheville NC by helping to preserve their chosen mascot.” ~ Dulcita Love

Support Pops for Penguins!

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Rockhopper Rescue

The Foundation for Antartic Research: Pops for Penguins Event: You can help!


Dulcita Love Consulting, dulcitalove.com

Gabriella Oviedo, King of Pops, asheville.kingofpops.net

Sandra Birnhak, Director of the Foundation for Antartic Research, thefoundationforantarcticresearch.org

Rainbow Mountain Children's School, rmcs.org


Thank you:

Sandra Birnhak for promoting the Pops for Penguins event. $217 has been raised toward Rockhopper rescue and research in 10 days.  $58 of the $217 was raised during the popsicle event, Pops for Penguins.


Not sure why the video below takes so long to load, but well worth watching it.  Maybe watching it directly on YouTube will load faster for you depending on your internet speed. Or you could click play, pause, go do something, then come back and watch it after it loads.  1:54 min in length. 



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